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February 2009

One of Jenny Holden's great friends lost her father to pancreatic cancer, so Jenny decided to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund by taking part in one of its overseas challenges - the Sahara Trek. The decision and the trip clearly proved to be momentous, as Jenny told us afterwards - "What can I say about the trek. Utterly magnificent, life changing and a learning adventure. I think I was quite naive about the whole trip to begin with. My parents were great at sorting out all the kit, and my friends all pitched in supplying me with ski goggles (which were very useful!), camelpacks and even waterproofs.

There were thirty of us in the group plus the ten Berbers, and we all connected on some level, sharing life stories, why we each were trekking and at some points during the trip were overcome with emotion. The friends I made will never be forgotten because we have a bond that connects us all. We all trekked the Sahara for a cause that has affected someone we know, and that bond will never break.

I think the words for the whole trip were...' do any of us actually like sand?!' I made life-long friends, learnt about other illnesses, learnt about the Berber culture, Morocco, the Sahara desert and more importantly realised that (a) I can be proud of myself, and (b) there are good people everywhere. I can feel proud of accomplishing a great task and I can be thankful that people have been generous enough to sponsor me.

So thank you to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund for making it possible for me to discover the Sahara and help raise awareness and money for an extremely important cause."

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