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Promotions for PCRF-funded researchers

4 September 2014

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is extremely proud to let you know that several of our funded researchers at Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London, have been promoted. Congratulations all!

Hemant Kocher is now Professor of Liver and Pancreas Surgery
As well as being a superb surgeon, Hemant conducts research into the stroma, the scar-like tissue that surrounds pancreatic tumours. Hemant has also been instrumental in driving forward the plans for the national PCRF Tissue Bank, which is close to launch.

John Marshall is now Professor of Tumour Biology
John’s research focuses on a molecule known as integrin alpha v beta 6 (avb6) that is found on the surface of cancerous pancreatic cells and allows them to invade healthy tissues more easily. Through a previous PCRF-funded project he found an antibody that blocked avb6, and he is currently working towards generating data that would allow clinical trials of this antibody.

Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic has been promoted to Reader in Cancer Genomics
Tatjana’s PCRF-funded research is looking to identify unique biomarkers for pancreatic cancer which could form the basis of an early diagnostic test- something which could have an enormous impact in the numbers of patients being eligible for surgery.

PCRF CEO, Maggie Blanks added her congratulations, saying: “We’re proud to fund the most innovative UK research ideas into pancreatic cancer and these promotions confirm that we’re funding the best researchers.  If you attended the 2013 Supporters Conference in London, you may have heard all three researchers give presentations – and as a healthy volunteer, you may have even donated a urine sample to help Tatjana progress her research!”

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