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Corringham Classic and Vintage Car show for PCRF

Corringham Classic and Vintage Car show for PCRF

24 June 2015

Kelly Bye is helping her dad to organise a huge classic and vintage car and motorbike show in Corringham, Essex, on July 04, with proceeds to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, in memory of Kelly’s close friend Linda Humphreys, who died in 2000.

Kelly, 34, met Linda (pictured above) by chance when she was 18. She says “I was in hospital in Romford as I have diabetes, and there was a lady in a side room on my ward. One really busy night I heard her calling for a nurse but no-one came. I went over – she was clearly very unwell and had been sick. I cleaned her up and telephoned her husband for her. This was Linda. She didn’t know it yet, but she had pancreatic cancer.”

The next day, Kelly went for a walk and when she came back there was a thank you card and small gift on her bed from Linda. They forged a close friendship straight away, and stayed in constant touch. Over the years they visited each other often and wrote to each other when Linda was too poorly to travel.  “Linda would update me on her chemotherapy treatment, and when she was well enough she’d visit with her husband and children.  She was a brilliant friend and such a fantastic person - she was like a second mum to me - and she never once complained about what was happening to her,” says Kelly.

“Linda was only in her early 50s when she died. She was the first close friend I’d lost and I felt I’d lost a part of me too.  I think about her all the time - I have a photo of her hanging on my living room wall - and I miss her enormously as she had such a big impact on my life. It also makes me really sad to think that she never got to see her children grow into the wonderful people they are now, or meet her grandchildren.  I’d have loved for Linda to meet my own boys too.”

To honour Linda’s memory and to fundraise for research, Kelly, along with her dad and her dad’s friend who both own classic cars, generously decided to donate the proceeds of their event to PCRF.

It’s an ambitious endeavour to organise such a large event, but Kelly is undaunted. She says: “We held the first one in July last year with next to no experience and over 1000 people turned up!  This one’s going to be even bigger – car enthusiasts will love it. We’ve got space for 50 classic cars and motorbikes plus we’ve added an indoor craft market with more than 30 stalls and there are loads of activities for children, so it’ll be a really fantastic day out for the whole family.”

Kelly is still in touch with Linda’s children and is excited that they’re coming to the event, along with Linda’s husband. “I can’t wait to see them so they can see the fundraising we’re doing for PCRF to honour Linda’s memory,” she says.

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