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Comment and news coverage: 'PCRF research paves the way for early diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer'

3 August 2015

Blog by CEO Maggie Blanks

I’m delighted, excited and proud about these developments for an early diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer. PCRF has been funding this research since its early days, so seeing the results of this work is very rewarding. Our congratulations go to Dr. Crnogorac-Jurcevic and her team. We also want to thank our supporters, whose generosity made the research funding possible. And thanks also to those supporters who contributed in a very practical way, by donating urine samples as part of the healthy volunteers group!

Here’s a tiny selection of the media coverage generated by this research:
BBC News bulletins;  BBC online news; Channel4 News;   Daily Telegraph; Daily Mail; New York Daily NewsThe Japan Times;  International Business Times; CTV news CanadaNews Australia ; Zee News (India); North Korea Times; Wired; Medical News Today; Nursing Times

Diagnosing pancreatic cancer early is a major challenge and we can all be enormously proud of making such an important contribution to progress in this area. But there is still much to do. Further research is needed to validate the findings from this project. And early diagnosis is only one part of the puzzle of how we defeat cancer. The benefits of early diagnosis can only be translated into improved survival if there are effective treatments to call on. There are few treatment options for pancreatic cancer, so we still need to press ahead with research into new treatments. Earlier diagnosis may mean more patients are eligible for surgery, but currently many pancreatic cancer patients who undergo surgery to remove the tumour find the cancer returns, so we need other lines of attack when that happens. So we’re not resting on our laurels. We’re hugely grateful to all of our supporters who have pounded the streets, baked cakes, shaved heads, swum, cycled, skydived and so on, and by doing so, raised the money to fund world-class research into beating pancreatic cancer. The momentum is building that will make more progress possible. A cure can’t come soon enough and it’s research that will deliver it. Research is at the heart of what we do and is all that we do; this is why we’re still asking you to carry on supporting us and fundraising for us so that we can reach that goal as soon as possible.

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