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Louise fulfils a dream and records classical piano CD for PCRF

Louise fulfils a dream and records classical piano CD for PCRF

27 September 2016

A medical secretary whose classical piano recordings are played by her surgeon colleagues in operating theatres and in clinics while they work, has realised a dream of producing a CD of her music to raise money for PCRF.

Louise Taylor, who works at the Spire Hospital in West Yorkshire, is a talented pianist and has been a music lover from an early age, thanks to the encouragement of her late mother, Veronika.  Louise likes to spend time searching out beautiful, reflective piano pieces, often from less well-known or forgotten composers and then arranging them herself.

While Louise has previously recorded some of her pieces onto a sample CD on request from friends and colleagues, it was the death of her mother from pancreatic cancer in September 2015 that gave her the idea of sharing her music more widely and raising money for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

Louise said: “A consultant I work for had the horrendous task of breaking the news to us that mum had pancreatic cancer. It was such a bombshell as it came out of the blue – she’d been so fit and well, then suddenly developed jaundice one day. I knew that there was little hope with this disease. Mum was 95 when she died – I know this is a great age, but she was so young at heart and active, she’d easily have reached 100 without her illness.

 “Mum was such a lovely woman. She lived with me for many years and we were incredibly close. We shared such a deep connection through music that she was as thrilled as I was when I once went to buy a car and came back with a baby grand piano instead!

“I nursed her through her illness for as long as I could and played for her a lot while she rested as it comforted her. When she finally had to go into hospital, just a few days before she died, her main concern was that I kept playing. It helped me cope with the grief of losing her, and I think she instinctively knew that.

“I find strength, hope, companionship and comfort in music, it is a very powerful tool.  The tracks I chose for the CD include a couple of mum’s favourites.  I have had the most heart-warming responses from people who have listened to the CD.”

Pianist, Louise Taylor (photo: Robert Higson) Louise has been astounded by the support and help freely given by others in achieving her dream.  The University of Huddersfield offered recording studio facilities, and music technology graduate, Jack Henry Boyle, recorded and produced the CD. Other friends stepped forward to provide photography and graphic design for the cover.   

Louise has already raised over £700 from sales of her CD and has been overwhelmed by the feedback. 

 “My love of music was mum’s greatest gift to me, and I feel very close to her when I play. This is my tribute to her, and my way of giving back,” she said.

Says Maggie Blanks, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund: “It’s wonderful to hear how many people have helped Louise honour her mother’s memory like this. Louise’s talents will help us to fund world-leading research into pancreatic cancer and we’re grateful for her support.”

A preview of the album, When Shadows Fall, with short clips of each track are available at 

The CD costs £8. To purchase a copy, please email Louise on


When Shadows Fall - track list

1. When Shadows Fall by Percy Elliot
2. The Fragrant Rose by Carl Bohm
3. Serenade by Franz Schubert
4. Nocturne by Charles Gounod
5. At Twilight (from the Piano Suite by Cuthbert Harris)
    ‘I Wonder Why’ and ‘To an Absent Friend’
6. To My Star (A Mon Etoile) Nocturne by Carl Bohm




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