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PCRF joins National Cancer Research Institute

7 October 2016

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund has been accepted as a Partner in the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI ) - the UK-wide partnership between major cancer research funders, including government and charities, which promotes strategic collaboration in cancer research.

To become a partner, organisations must fund at least £1 million of research each year. Members work together to maximise the value and benefit of cancer research to patients and the public through joint planning, coordination and collaboration. NCRI also hosts a prestigious annual conference, the largest cancer research conference in the UK.  

Existing members include Cancer Research UK, the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust, Prostate Cancer UK, Breast Cancer Now and Bloodwise.

PCRF’s Chief Executive, Maggie Blanks says: “Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is the first NCRI partner whose sole focus is pancreatic cancer research. We’re extremely pleased to be accepted and to have the opportunity to raise the profile of pancreatic cancer as part of NCRI’s drive to coordinate cancer research across the UK. We look forward to working together to maximise the impact of research on those affected by this disease.”                   

“Our membership is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of all our supporters, raising funds to enable the charity to support our exciting and growing research portfolio, currently worth over £6 million.”

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