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The diagnostic challenge - you can help!

14 November 2012

There is currently no definitive diagnostic test for pancreatic cancer. Because early symptoms are vague and non-specific, it's generally at an advanced stage when discovered. So, early detection and diagnosis are important areas for research.

Some of the work funded by Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is addressing these issues. The research we're funding focuses on improving early diagnosis by identifying specific biomarkers in urine. Researchers have identified several such biomarkers that look promising, but to progress this research, the research team needs a large bank of 'normal' samples from healthy people to compare their findings against.

They have obtained the required samples from patients with pancreatic cancer and benign pancreatic cancer diseases, but are still recruiting healthy individuals in order to have enough comparison samples for the statistical analysis. If you're healthy, 40 years old or over and can get to central London fairly easily, you can help the research by donating a sample of urine (and ideally, blood as well). It's a quick and easy way to help and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you're making a direct contribution to the research that can save future lives.

For further details regarding the project and the collection process (which will be at Barts Cancer Institute), or if you have any other questions, please contact Darren Ennis at or phone 020 7882 5628.

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