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Funding pancreatic cancer research

We are dedicated to defeating pancreatic cancer. We believe research is the key, and support cutting-edge research into pancreatic cancer in universities, hospitals and research institutions in the UK.

Research Strategy

To research and support research into the mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

We do this by offering project grants to research teams in universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes around the UK and Ireland. Collaboration with other researchers nationally and internationally is encouraged.

Our primary focus is basic and translational research: 

  • Basic research (that done in a laboratory) is essential to understanding a particular cancer type, and that understanding becomes the springboard for developing specific tests and treatments.
  • Translational research translates discoveries made in the lab into treatments provided at a patient's bedside.  

Scientific innovation is an important part of PCRF's strategy and we support original project grants that others might not consider.

Ensuring we support the best science

To ensure we use supporters' money most effectively and support only the best science, we follow robust peer review practices. These meet the high standard of the National Institute of Health Research, which has confirmed us as a Partner Organisation.

The peer review procedures are overseen by a Scientific Advisory Panel. This panel is made up of independent scientific and clinical experts who assess all funding applications, and we accept or reject applications according to their advice.