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.The Chili Year Book.

The Chili Year Book


The Chili Year Book was published by Chris Farquharson in 2012, following his experiments to widen his chili recipe repertoire after a visit to one of the most highly rated chili restaurants in the US.

Sadly, in 2013 Chris's wife Gill died of pancreatic cancer and Chris has generously donated copies of the book to PCRF. All proceeds from the sale of the book come to the charity to support more research.

63 pages
A different recipe for every week of the year

Group 1 recipes - with minced beef
Group 2 recipes - with diced beef
Group 3 recipes - with poultry
Group 4 recipes - with other meats
Group 5 recipes - with seafood
Group 6 recipes - vegetarian chilis

Recipes suitable for gluten-free diets
£8.00 incl post + packaging

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