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Howards Way Walk

Hadrian's Wall

May 2009

Celebrating the finish
Celebrating the finish

Howard Kerr had inspired the Howards Way Ridgeway Walk in April 2008. After Howard's death in August 2008, the decision was made to do the other walk that Howard had wanted to complete – Hadrian's Wall. As before, those taking part wanted to make it challenging, and set out to complete the six day walk in 3½ days.

A core team of 24 planned to do the whole walk, with others joining them for some of the distance. Officially, it was to be 85 miles from coast to coast – East to West, starting on 1st of May. Nick Grecian, Howard's brother-in-law, described the trip -

"We were blessed with the weather. A wee downpour on the first afternoon but pretty good after that. We had a 31 mile first day and that was testing enough for some. Blisters, chapping, muscle strains and even sore nipples turned the heat on the team. Despite that, nearly everyone completed it and tucked into their first beer.

 Day Two of the walk
Day Two of the walk 

Day Three finished up in a sunny park in Carlisle and those who were still walking were dogged about the fact that they would now make it. Day Four was long, flat and into a headwind, but no-one was going to fail at this stage, whatever pain they may be enduring.

The fact that 18 of the 24 starters completed the entire distance was testimony not only to their training, preparation and determination, but also to the efforts of the support team led by Jane Kerr – fantastically organised and enthusiastic. They fed, watered, patched up, massaged, entertained, cheered, cajoled and ferried the walkers. Quite phenomenal. I personally ate so much cake that I think I might have gained weight!!!

One of the more sophisticated pedometers reported that we had walked 89.83 miles at the remarkable average speed of 3.8mph and completed the walk in 23.6hrs of actual walking. A stunning effort.

To date we have raised nearly £41,000 this year for PCRF and EVERYONE is waiting for the announcement of where we’ll be walking in 2010."

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