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Applying for a research grant


The aim of our project grant scheme is to support scientific excellence and innovative research into pancreatic cancer.

While the understanding of the biology of pancreatic cancer has increased in recent years, overall survival rates remain abysmally low. Our aim is to improve patient survival chances and ultimately find cures.

Given that early detection, diagnosis and successful treatment of pancreatic cancer are still major challenges, the charity is making these its priority areas for research funding. We're interested in innovative, high-quality studies to develop novel therapies and diagnostics. In particular, we're looking to support research with high potential translational impact and aimed at bringing new lab findings quickly to the clinic.

Type of award

The charity offers project grants. Proposed projects should be milestone-driven, with clearly defined outcomes and future value.

PhD studentships can be included within a project grant application, but the application must be made by the potential supervisor. The charity does not accept applications from PhD students themselves.

In 2018, application sucess rates were 20%.

Amount of award

Up to £220,000. The award can cover salary or research costs or a mixture of both.   NIHR CRN logo

Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund is an NIHR Partner Organisation, so studies may be eligible for inclusion in the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio.This will allow the studies to have access to clinical infrastructure/NHS Service Support through the NIHR Clinical Research Networks.


Up to three years.

Use of animals in research

The charity endorses the AMRC position statment supporting the use of animals in research.


  • The main applicant must be a suitably qualified researcher (minimum of PhD or equivalent qualification or research experience).

  • The principal applicant should be based in a UK or Republic of Ireland research institution. Collaborators may be based elsewhere.

Timetable and Applications Procedure

We have one Award Round per year. 

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our income  we have reluctantly cancelled the 2020 Award Round. We are opening the 2021 Award Round early, with the following timetable:

Opening date: 28 September 2020

Closing date: Applications will be accepted up to 5.00pm 11 December 2020

Triage: We use a preliminary screening step in our review process. The Scientific Advisory Panel carries out an initial review of all the applications and identifies those they think will not be competitive. These applications will be eliminated at this point, and applicants will be informed at this time. Remaining applications go forward for peer review.

Scientific Advisory Panel meeting: To make final funding decisions: June 2021

For further details and application form, email