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Nadine Woodcock

Enid Webster was a great girl and I was privileged to have her as my best friend for 16 years. She lived life to the full and had a great sense of humour. Enid always looked the picture of health, but I clearly remember noticing that she had lost quite a lot of weight suddenly. Initially she was diagnosed with diabetes, but there was no improvement. Finally a visit to the hospital confirmed that it was pancreatic cancer.

I had never heard of pancreatic cancer and was horrified at its actions and how quickly it took Enid’s life. Also, I felt helpless. As I sat quietly with her on the day of her passing, I reflected on how cruel life can be. Not in a million years was I prepared for this.

At her funeral, there was a wonderful tribute to her life, but I felt something ongoing was required to honour her memory. I got home and decided to take action. I searched the web and discovered PCRF, a charity specifically aiming to fund research into this killer disease.

With their help, I arranged a hotpot supper/disco which was a great success, raising over £4,000. Also, the past three years my husband, family and friends have entered the Great Manchester Run in Enid’s memory and have had generous support. I have also persuaded some of the local shops to display the boxes of PCRF pin badges and trolley token keyrings.

I would love more than anything to have Enid back in our lives and I still miss her terribly. But supporting PCRF gives me the satisfaction that she will never be forgotten and that we’re helping find a cure for this terrible disease.