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Nigel Bentley

In September 2004, my wife and I were on a short holiday with some friends in Norfolk. For some months Robert had been having digestive problems, and on his return home revisited his GP.

Within a short time a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer had been made, and very sadly in March 2005 my good old chum died. He was 59. This sort of happening makes you feel very inadequate; we were just bowling along with our lives when out of the blue, a disease that has little profile strikes.

In May 2005 my daughter did the Great Manchester Run and suggested that I should get myself fit and do the run in 2006 in memory of Robert. My son and son-in-law also entered and in looking for a ‘Good Cause’ to raise sponsorship for, found the PCRF on the internet. We raised something in the region of £3,250. A further £600 was raised at a 60th birthday bash, and £15,500 at a sponsored karting event.

I will continue to support the PCRF and live in hope that their sterling efforts will help the medics and scientists find a cure or treatment that will arrest this dreadful disease.