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Why I support Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

 We have many amazing and loyal supporters committed to the charity and to its goal of defeating pancreatic cancer.


Here are just a few of their stories about why and how they support PCRF.


"Dad felt unwell but nothing specific. He was told he was a bit depressed and needed a holiday." Read Wendy's story.

"...we passionately wanted to do something to help with research into pancreatic cancer." Read Kim and Rhonda's story.

"Supporting PCRF gives me the satisfaction that she will never be forgotten and that we’re helping find a cure for this terrible disease." Read Nadine's story.

"We raised something in the region of £3,250. A further £600 was raised at a 60th birthday bash, and £15,500 at a sponsored karting event." Read Nigel's story.

"I staggered over the finish line in 59 minutes and 44 seconds, just behind a man with one leg and a woman with no heart. Nonetheless, I was happy." Read David's story.