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Research news

See below for news about developments in pancreatic cancer research around the world.

Information and contacts for journalists can be found on our media page.

September 2014

Modified vitamin D shows promise as treatment for pancreatic cancer

30 September 2014
A synthetic form of vitamin D has been found to collapse the thick fibrous tissue, called stroma, surrounding pancreatic tumours, making the cancer much easier for drugs to reach. …more information

Bacterial 'communication molecules’ could stop and kill pancreatic cancer cells

26 September 2014
A new study at the University of Missouri has found that a molecule used as a communication system by bacteria can be manipulated to prevent cancer cells from spreading. …more information

August 2014

100,000 Genome Project

1 August 2014
A project aiming to revolutionise medicine by unlocking the secrets of DNA has been announced today by the Prime Minister …more information

June 2014

Scientists discover new route to boost pancreatic cancer treatment

2 June 2014
UK scientists have revealed fresh insight into how a the most common chemotherapy drug used to treat pancreatic cancer – gemcitabine – is broken down in tumour cells. …more information

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