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See below for news about developments in pancreatic cancer research around the world.

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March 2015

Whole genome sequencing identifies four subtypes of pancreatic cancer

6 March 2015
An international team from Australia and the UK has used ‘whole genome sequencing’ to identify four distinct subtypes of pancreatic cancer. The findings could help improve existing treatments for …more information

Researchers identify new subgroup of pancreatic cancer patients who may benefit from personalised therapy

2 March 2015
Around 15 per cent of pancreatic cancer patients may benefit from therapy which targets a newly identified gene signature, according to research from Indiana University, USA. …more information

February 2015

Researchers identify gene that makes normal pancreas cells to change shape

23 February 2015
An international research team from the US Mayo clinic and the University of Oslo in Norway have identified a molecule that makes normal pancreatic cells change their shape, paving the way for pancrea …more information

New US device delivers drugs directly to pancreatic tumours

5 February 2015
Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA, have developed a device that uses electric fields to drive chemotherapy drugs directly into pancreatic tumours, preventing their gr …more information

January 2015

New study sheds light on why pancreatic cancer is so aggressive

19 January 2015
New research from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center has uncovered a gene involved in driving cancer growth and spread, helping to explain why pancreatic cancer is so lethal. …more information

Miniature pancreases grown in labs will aid research progress

14 January 2015
Scientists at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in New York have developed miniature, living forms of human pancreases which they believe will revolutionise research efforts into pancreatic cancer. …more information

December 2014

Armed virus shows promise as treatment for pancreatic cancer

23 December 2014
Results of a PCRF-funded project which combines two different approaches – virotherapy and immunotherapy - show “great promise” as a treatment for pancreatic cancer. …more information

First steps in the formation of pancreatic cancer identified

4 December 2014
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in the USA have identified first steps in the origin of pancreatic cancer and believe their findings suggest ways to prevent cancer developing. …more information

September 2014

Modified vitamin D shows promise as treatment for pancreatic cancer

30 September 2014
A synthetic form of vitamin D has been found to collapse the thick fibrous tissue, called stroma, surrounding pancreatic tumours, making the cancer much easier for drugs to reach. …more information

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