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Research news

See below for news about developments in pancreatic cancer research around the world.

Information and contacts for journalists can be found on our media page.

February 2020

Foot-and-mouth-disease virus could help target the deadliest cancer

12 February 2020
The foot-and-mouth-disease virus is helping UK scientists to tackle pancreatic cancer. …more information

January 2020

Pulling the plug on calcium pumps - potential new treatment strategy for pancreatic cancer

16 January 2020
UK scientists have identified a new way to kill pancreatic cancer cells by ‘pulling the plug’ on the energy generator that fuels calcium pumps on their cell surface. …more information

December 2019

Study offers evidence that a vaccine for pancreatic cancer is feasible

19 December 2019
A team of researchers from Queen Mary University of London and Zhengzhou University in China have taken the first steps towards the development of a vaccine for pancreatic cancer. …more information

October 2019

‘Electrochemotherapy’ shows promise as potential treatment for pancreatic cancer

31 October 2019
Treatment of pancreatic cancer might be enhanced by zapping tumours with electricity alongside drug treatments, according to a PCRF-funded project at University College Cork. …more information

September 2019

UK urine test to detect early-stage pancreatic cancer starts clinical study

25 September 2019
A urine test that can detect early stage pancreatic cancer has reached the final stage of validation before being developed for use with patients. …more information

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