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Research news

See below for news about developments in pancreatic cancer research around the world.

Information and contacts for journalists can be found on our media page.

March 2014

Charity Research Support Fund announcement

28 March 2014
The government scheme Charity Research Support Fund (CRSF) will be maintained at £198 million for the period 2014-15. …more information

PCRF-funded research slows pancreatic cancer growth by blocking key enzyme

10 March 2014
A research team from Imperial College London has shown that blocking the function of an enzyme known as Hhat slows the growth and spread of pancreatic cancer, by preventing a protein called Hedgehog f …more information

February 2014

PCRF-funded study reveals unexpected cell hijack method in pancreatic cancer

11 February 2014
Pancreatic stellate cells, which normally aid tissue repair, unwittingly help pancreatic cancer grow and spread in a method of ‘cell hijack’ only seen before in brain and breast cancer, according …more information

December 2013

UK team breach pancreatic cancer’s protective wall to kill cells using immunotherapy

23 December 2013
Researchers from the University of Cambridge have identified how the protective ‘wall’ around cancer tumours functions and how to break it down, enabling the body’s own defences to reach and kil …more information

UK researchers find potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer

21 December 2013
Scientists from The University of Manchester believe they have discovered a new way to make chemotherapy treatment more effective for pancreatic cancer patients …more information

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