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Get Involved

There are lots of ways to help us raise money for more research into beating pancreatic cancer.

Fundraising for research is a great way to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer while doing something practical to help beat the disease.

Lots of our supporters run their own events to raise money. That can be as simple as a coffee morning or a bake sale or – if  you’re feeling very adventurous – shaving your head!

All the work we do is funded purely through the money we receive from our amazing supporters, who help us to fund more research into pancreatic cancer by fundraising, supporting others or by donating directly to PCRF.

Spread the word!

Whatever you plan to do for your fundraiser, you can raise more money and help more people to learn about pancreatic cancer and PCRF by generating some local publicity.

To ensure you raise as much money as you can – and to help more people hear about pancreatic cancer and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund – please spread the word about your fundraising activity as widely as possible.

Here are some handy tips to get you started:

  • Create an online sponsorship page. It’s simple to do via the Justgiving website and makes it easy for people to sponsor you. Go to to set up your page, then promote it by email, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Send a press release to your local media. We can help you write and distribute a press release
  • Take photos and – if you can – some video on the day – to send to local media and to us for our website
  • Include the key facts about pancreatic cancer in everything you write. (7% survival rate; limited improvement in the rate in 40 years; receives less than 3% of national spend on cancer research)
  • Mention Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund as much as possible – unfortunately local media often miss out this key bit of information or get our name wrong and we lose an opportunity to let more people know about us!
  • Publicise your fundraising at work by contacting your company/organisation’s PR team.



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Our work is funded purely through donations and fundraising by our supporters

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