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Improving current treatments

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Pancreatic cancer eventually becomes resistant to standard chemotherapy treatments, and many patients are not well enough to withstand the side effects of newer more potent chemotherapy drugs. So alongside driving innovative research to discover and develop brand new treatments, we’re also funding research that aims to make current treatments more effective for more people.

Researchers working in this area:

Dr Angus Cameron, Barts Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University of London 

In a project co-funded with Worldwide Cancer Research, Dr Cameron aims to prevent normal cells in the pancreas from supporting pancreatic cancer growth and resistance to cancer treatments. Find out more.

Professor John Callan, Ulster University

Professor Callan’s team uses oxygen-loaded microbubbles combined with harmless ultrasound to deliver oxygen and chemotherapy drugs directly to pancreatic tumours, with the aim of making treatments more effective. Find out more.