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‘Fine time’ in Brittany raises £1500

We recently received a donation for the fantastic sum of £1500 from long-time supporter, Andy Chestnutt, along with this wonderful description of how the money was raised so creatively! Thank you Andy and your golfing pals from the OVGS!

“For the last 25 years a group of about 20 (rapidly aging) friends have travelled to France for 3 days of competition on the golf courses of Brittany. Some years back the members of the Old Vicarage Golf Society (OVGS) who live in Wales, Hampshire and London, thought that as they were so fortunate to be able to take part in such a trip, they should try to give something back. As a result, the fines committee was born. The sole purpose of this august body is to relieve members of their cash for misdemeanours on or off the course. Fines are dished out for exceptional golfing feats (good or poor), not turning up on time, not turning up at all, mislaying passports, golf clubs and wallets, crashing golf buggies, offending locals, inappropriate language, going to bed too early (or late)… the list is endless. When the committee is “in session” long pockets and short arms are rare.

“This year we managed to raise £1,500. At the end of the competition the overall champion gets the opportunity to choose a charity to donate the accumulated fines to. This year I was the lucky winner and could think of no better charity than PCRF as my mother, Diane, passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago. I suspect I’ll get a heavy fine next year for having the audacity to win!”

Andy Chestnutt (far right) and friends from the Old Vicarage Golf Club