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Flying high for Tim

PCRF supporter Jane Anderson has raised more than £3,000 in memory of her brother, Tim Voltzenlogel, who passed away aged just 60.

In May, Jane Anderson from Bramhall near Stockport completed a wing walk in tribute to her  brother, Tim Voltzenlogel, who died in March 2021 aged just 60.

Jane recalls: “On January 1st Tim phoned me, and I assumed it was to wish us all a Happy New Year, but it was to give us the devastating news that he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and that it was terminal. He died in the March and it broke our hearts.

“Tim was just my big brother. He was incredibly popular with a ridiculous number of friends and, although he was single, he was loved by everyone who knew him.  He initially qualified and worked as a solicitor, but felt his calling lay elsewhere, so he decided to re-train and, at the age of forty, he was ordained as a vicar. Tim was one of life’s good guys.  He was quiet but could be very funny, and he was very intelligent, but was always humble, gentle and unassuming.  Our girls adored him, we all adored him.  Despite being so busy, he always made time for family occasions, and he always managed to see us at Christmas, no matter how tired he was!

Jane with her brother, Tim

“He’d been the vicar at St George’s Church in Swallowbeck, Lincoln for three years and the parishioners thought the world of him. His funeral was as packed as Covid would allow, and over 500 people logged on to watch it via a live stream.  They have recently planted a tree in the church garden in his memory, which is a very touching tribute.“After he died, I wanted to do something positive. I’ve always been a bit of an adrenaline junkie – I did a tandem skydive a couple of years ago and a parachute jump when I was in my twenties.  I’d always rather liked the idea of a wing walk but it was too expensive. Tim’s death provided the push to do it as both a tribute to him and a more unusual way to raise some money for the PCRF. My husband Jon and daughters Emma and Beth weren’t surprised when I signed up – I think they just thought ‘here she goes again!’

“There was a really long build up to the day itself which meant the combination of excitement and fear grew as it drew closer.  I was determined to do it, though – Tim had been so brave throughout his illness that I thought ‘I can stand on a plane for ten minutes!’  It turned out to be a wonderful, exhilarating experience.  I felt completely safe and kept my eyes open throughout so I could see my family below to wave to them as we flew by – but my overriding memory is how bitterly cold it was up there, despite wearing three fleeces, two T shirts and a long sleeved top – I was absolutely frozen!”

Jane initially hoped to raise around £300, but actually raised over £3k! She says “I am delighted by the amount raised and am so grateful to everyone who donated – but it is really testament to the person Tim was. He would be amazed and humbled but also, I hope, a little proud of me.”