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Great Wall of China

Wall to wall support

Chris Douglas and his sister, Louise, from Dundee have raised over £1300 for PCRF in an 8-day adventure trekking across the Great Wall of China to honour their dad, Chris Snr, who died in 2017.

Says Chris Jnr: “It was a lot tougher than we expected – literally up mountains and down valleys for 42km, with uneven steps forcing you to really concentrate! We crossed crumbling parts of the wall that were only a few feet wide with huge drops either side. Looking down and seeing treetop so far below was terrifying!  It was the most stunning, scary and exhilarating experience, and the sense of personal achievement was immense. Dad would have been really proud of us.

“We’re very grateful to the Global Adventures staff for their help and advice, and most of all to our amazing mum Brenda, who supported us on the trek and with getting sponsorship. We also met another PCRF supporter, Sue Beard, who was also in our expedition by coincidence, which was lovely!

“We made so many friends in our expedition. We’re all planning to go to Cambodia together in 2019 where Louise and I will do another challenge for PCRF. We can’t wait!”