Researching the cures


Professor Nick Lemoine

Professor Lemoine is studying the effects of a specific gene found in a particularly aggressive form of pacnreatic cancer.

Project Title: Evaluation of the role of ΔNp63α in a new
transgenic mouse model that mimics a highly aggressive
subtype of human pancreatic cancer

Project Aims: Researchers are hoping to uncover the factors that drive pancreatic cancer to develop and progress. One such factor may be the genes that are found in patients with the most aggressive form of the disease. If specific genes can be identified as being important for cancer growth, then the disease may be treated and managed more efficiently, improving the prognosis for patients.

Professor Lemoine and his team have identified a specific gene that is found in the very aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, leading them to believe its presence is associated with a poorer prognosis.

In the PCRF-funded project, Prof. Lemoine aims to study the effects of this gene in pancreatic cancer by recreating the disease in mice. From this, he hopes to find out lots of information about how it is involved in the aggressive behaviour of the disease in patients. From this, he believes drugs may be developed that will be more effective at treating the cancer than those currently available.