Researching the cures


Professor Caroline Dive

Professor Dive is analysing pancreatic cancer cells circulating in the blood. The aim is to develop a profiling technique using blood samples.

Project Title: Development of blood-borne biomarkers for improving
treatment selection for pancreatic cancer patients

Project Aims: Professor Dive and her team will analyse stray tumour cells that circulate in the blood. She hopes that their investigations will pave the way to profiling the molecular characteristics of patients’ pancreatic tumours from a single blood test.  From this information, she ultimately hopes to set up clinical trials to both tailor treatments for individual patients, based on the analysis of their tumour type, and monitor the success of their treatment regime.

Funding for this award is being raised by Team Jackie events in memory of Jackie Orme who died of pancreatic cancer in July 2012 aged 46.

Voices of Pancreatic Cancer – Caroline Dive from Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund on Vimeo.