Researching the cures


Dr Yaohe Wang

Dr Wang is investigating whether the Vaccinia virus - used against smallpox - can be engineered for use against pancreatic cancer.

Project Title: Development of a Novel Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer
using Lister Strain Vaccinia Virus Armed with a Hypoxia-Regulated
Immunostimulatory Gene, Interleukin-12

Project Aims: The aim is to engineer the Vaccinia virus – safely used to prevent smallpox in millions of people – to infect and kill pancreatic cancer tumours, leaving healthy tissue unharmed. Dr. Wang’s previous PCRF-funded research identified that the Vaccinia virus was effective against some forms of pancreatic cancer cells in laboratory tests, so he now aims to use the virus to activate an immune response against these cancer cells to both kill the cancer cells and prevent them returning.