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Dr Kevin Litchfield

Our immune system is primed to attack cancer cells as soon as they are detected. Dr Litchfield aims to develop a blood test which measures three different aspects of our body’s immune response to early stage pancreatic cancer. He believes this new approach could produce results that are more accurate and sensitive than other early detection tests currently being developed.

Project title: Characterising immune surveillance and dysfunction in early stage pancreatic cancer

Project aims: The human immune system is exceptionally sensitive and highly accurate in distinguishing between normal and abnormal cells. Dr Kevin Litchfield believes that a combination of three distinct aspects of our immune system’s response to cancer cells could be measured to develop a blood test that can detect the early onset of pancreatic cancer.

He also believes this new approach overcomes some of the limitations of current early detection tests that are in development around the world, and could prove to be more sensitive and accurate in detecting pancreatic cancer in its early stages.