Researching the cures


Scientific Advisory Panel

In accordance with best practice for medical research charities, we have appointed a Scientific Advisory Panel, which is made up of prominent cancer experts.

They act in a voluntary capacity and ensure that the research the charity funds is of the highest quality and will lead to developments in detection and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Panel:

Panel Chairman
Professor Michael Seckl – Imperial College, London
Panel Member
Professor Jeff Evans – Professor and Director, Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow
Panel Member
Professor Brian Davidson – UCL and Royal Free Hospital, London
Panel Member
Dr Heike Grabsch – University of Leeds, Leeds
Panel Member
Dr Claus JorgensenCancer Research UK Manchester Institute, Manchester University
Panel Member
Professor Gabriel Capella – Institut Català d´Oncologia (ICO) L’Hospitalet, Barcelona
Panel Member
Professor Francisco X Real – Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas (CNIO), Madrid
Panel Member
Professor Louis BuscailCentre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse, Toulouse

Terms of Reference

Delegation of authority

  • The Panel will have full power and authority to consider and approve or reject applications for funding
  • Any grant approved by the Panel will be in accordance with the funding budgets approved by the Trustees

Members of the Panel

  • The Trustees appoint the members of the Panel, including Chairman
  • The charity will aim to ensure that the Panel is made up of experts in different areas of pancreatic cancer research

Conflict of Interest Policy

Exclusion from grant decisions

  • Where any member of the panel (including Chairman) is a sole applicant or co-applicant, he or she will stand down from that grant round and be replaced by a suitable alternative (in the case of Chairman, replacement will be with the Vice Chairman; in the case of other Panel members, a replacement with similar expertise will be sought).
  • A Panel member must not be in the room if a grant proposal with which they are connected is discussed. They may not take part in any decisions taken in relation to such a grant proposal, and should not receive any papers relating to it. An individual will be deemed connected with a grant proposal if the individual is:
    • a relative of one of the grant applicants
    • a business partner of one of the applicants
    • a member or employee of the same university or other institution as one of the grant applicants.