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Wendy Thairs

Dad felt unwell but nothing specific. He was told he was a bit depressed and needed a holiday.

The weekend before departure Dad was quite poorly and Mum called the emergency doctor (so he must have been unwell). So started our nightmare journey.

Tests showed the cancer had spread through the pancreas and into the rest of Dad’s body. Bravely he called my husband and brother-in-law to a meeting to sort out all the things he didn’t want Mum to cope with.  Nine weeks later we lost him.

I had done a bit of fundraising for Cancer Research UK, but when I found PCRF I had to do some for them. In the intervening 17 years I’d qualified as a Holistic/Beauty Therapist, so decided that more funds could be raised this way.

Wendy Thairs and helpers

I have held a Beauty Day in July for the past two years, and am already making plans for this year. With ten-minute treatments for a donation of five pounds, so far we have raised over £2,000.

My wonderful family and friends rally round and we have a raffle, refreshments and a sales table. Selling Christmas cards in July usually makes everyone smile because it’s daft, but then so am I!

A friend has formed a band and they have also offered to help. My husband’s idea is that ‘New Tricks’ play all the Quo classics whilst I massage. Now that’s even sillier, or is it?