Researching the cures


Research projects

All the research we support is funded entirely by public donations. To date, 73 projects have been funded, with a total value of over £15.6 million. These are focused on early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and the development and monitoring of new treatments.

Dr Tatjana Crnogorac-Jurcevic

Dr Tanja Crnogorac-Jurcevic

Grant made in 2016 Award Round

Dr Crnogorac-Jurcevic is developing a urine test to detect early-stage pancreatic cancer.

Professor John Callan

Professor John Callan

Grant made in 2016 Award Round

Professor Callan's team is investigating whether improving the supply of oxygen to a tumour will enhance the effect of cancer treatment.

Professor Alex Breeze

Professor Alex Breeze

Grant made in 2016 Award Round

Professor Breeze is developing new compounds to block a vicious cycle of signals that occurs in cancer between two proteins called SOS and Ras.

Patricia Sancho

Dr Patricia Sancho

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Dr Sanchez is exploring combinations of treatments that will attack the two main energy sources used by pancreatic cancer stem cells.

Venkat Kanamarlapudi

Professor Venkat Kanamarlapudi

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Professor Kanamarlapudi is testing a new drug compound that works on the surface of pancreatic cancer cells, which means the cells are unable to develop resistance to the drug.


Dr Claus Jorgensen

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Dr Jorgensen is investigating an enzyme that allows pancreatic cancer cells to hijack surrounding cells to form a protective coating called the stroma.

Fieke Froeling

Dr Fieke Froeling

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Dr Froeling's work focuses on profiling pancreatic tumours to look for clues that will help match patients to the most effective epigenetic drugs available.

Eithne Costello

Dr Eithne Costello

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Dr Costello's team is looking for ways to block a particular protein that pancreatic cancers cells can use to protect themselves against drugs.

Bart Cornelissen

Dr Bart Cornelissen

Grant made in 2015 Award Round

Dr Cornelissen is developing ways of using PET imaging to detect early stage pancreatic cancer.

Professor Yaohe Wang

Dr Yaohe Wang

Grant made in 2014 Award Round

Dr Wang is investigating ways to combine virotherapy approaches with immune system-boosting drugs to kill any remaining pancreatic cancer cells post-surgery.