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We hope you'll be inspired by the dedication of our fundraisers and the expertise of our researchers who are all working together to tackle pancreatic cancer. This section covers news about PCRF-funded research as well as research into pancreatic cancer being carried out all over the world.

PCRF Research

PCRF’s Tissue Bank launches internationally

Scientists from universities, research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies all over the world are now able to apply for tissue samples from the PCFF-funded pancreas tissue bank to help their research into improving the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

PCRF Research

2021 AACR Virtual Conference: Pancreatic Cancer – Peter Wan Kok Ting

PhD student Peter Wan Kok Ting from the University of Oxford is working with Professor Len Seymour on a new research project funded in our most recent grants awards. PCRF offered Peter the chance to attend one of the biggest pancreatic cancer conferences, held online in 2021 by the American Association for Cancer Research. Here’s Peter’s report.

Litsa Protopapa PCRF Research

2021 AACR Virtual Conference: Pancreatic Cancer – Litsa Protopapa

PCRF is keen to support PhD students and early career researchers who’ve chosen to study pancreatic cancer and who are involved in research projects that we’ve funded. This includes enabling them to access events that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend so that they can meet, network with, learn from - and be inspired by - more established researchers in the field.